The things you don’t think about before moving country.

As most of my friends and family will know, I have very recently moved to England. I had a lot of time to prepare so I felt like I had thought of absolutely everything. I’ve made a little list of things that hadn’t once crossed my mind. This isn’t a weighty or meaningful post by any means (big move= less free time) but bear with me, in another week or two I’ll be able to give the old blog posts a little more TLC.


  1. The tap-water is different. It’s very possibly just the area I’m in – I’m thinking it’s a largely limestone area from the white bubbly nature of the water, which I’m guessing is from the calcite (Leaving Cert Geography  yo) and while it does settle, once you’ve seen it I think your brain will tell you it tastes funny regardless of whether it actually does or not.
  2. People will always be surprised by your accent. Almost everyone I’ve met has almost immediately said “Oh your Irish!”, to which I almost invariably say jokingly  “What gave it away?”. The hilarity. Take a minute to control the laughter.
  3. It takes a while to get used to the money. It’s not even like I have never visited England, I have, more than once but still when I look into the coin part of my wallet I’m not sure whether I have enough money to buy dinner and a bottle of wine from Waitrose or enough to get the Tesco brand baked beans and a half pan of bread. The sizes just don’t correlate with the value! How rude.
  4. The structure of phone numbers is different. I have to constantly check and recheck a number when I’m dialing because I feel like I’ve accidentally whacked in about five extra digits.
  5. Finally (for now, I’ll definitely discover more things in the near future) lots of words mean different things. For example in Ireland “foxy” is just an adjective used to describe a person with red hair. In England however, it has a slightly different connotation, a lot closer to someone you feel to be of the aesthetically appealing variety. I’m afraid I learned that the hard way.


Thanks very much for reading, hope you enjoyed this little post!

Slán go fóill,


Alv x


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