About this Blog

BlagFaisin5Hi there! I’m Ailbhe, a 21 year old graduante from Cork city in Ireland.I studied Music and Irish in UCC and I’m taking a year out before starting my MA (which is in Marketing – plot twist!) so I started this blog partly as a creative outlet and partly as a bit of a personal experiment.

When you want some light reading, or maybe you’re on the bus to work and you want a quick five minute round up, this is the blog for you. Nothing too heavy or taxing on the noggin, you’ll find a little bit of everything here, from interviews with musicians and pieces on the Irish language to fashion and lifestyle posts!

You’ll also find some posts written in the lovely Irish language, but don’t be put off if you only have the famous “cúpla focail”, have a read of them anyway and make use of the extensive online dictionary focloir.ie if there are words you don’t understand. I promise that just by reading these short blogs trí Ghaeilge you’ll pick it up quicker than you could abair Dia dhuit!

So thanks for dropping in, please feel free to use the contact section to let me know if there’s anything specific you want to see or if you just want to say hello and tell me what you thought!

Have a great day,


Alv x